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Started by on Jan 31, 2007 – Contents updated: Jan 31, 2007

Jan 31, 2007 18:08    

What is done:

An eventlist presented in the sidebar, the tree first events sorted on the oldets date as shown in
(file adress:

It is done like this:
Each post in (blog no 7, not shown on the tabs)
are presented only by its heading as a link.
Outdated posts are marked as "To old" to prevent furter viewing (need login to to do).
After each posting the issuing date are edited to a (much) earlier date
to prevent it showing up on the start page.

What to do:
1. Prevent posting in blog no 7 to show up on the startblog.
2. List the three oldest heading of posts in the sidebar on the startblog.
3. Prevent posting older than todays date to show up

Want a more elegant way to do this, but my knowledge of php programming are close to nothing so any suggestion how to do are highly welcomed.

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