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1 Feb 01, 2007 08:26    

Have anyone tried the new windows? Give details on your experience.

2 Feb 01, 2007 09:33

Yeah I was one of the beta testers that recieved Ultimate Edition for free as a gift, but I would of bought it if I didn't get it for free.

It's slow for the first few days as the system indexes your files and learns about how you use the computer (it now optimizes the system based on what you do).

It's 5 years of improvements over XP, it's all the small features that make it worthwhile.

For me things like built in defrag, versioning (so it records all changes to files so you can revert to a previous version of a file, no more accidental overwrites), the search, the new explorer layouts and enhancements, grouping of taskbar items (so all firefox windows are next to each other, all explorer windows are next to each other), the simplicity of networking, and yeah so much more...

If you like windows, I would definitely recommend the upgrade.

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