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1 Feb 01, 2007 08:53    

It would be nice to see icons (example - MSword bold, italic, underline icons) on the writing menu instead of abbreviated codes. Picture is the universal language afterall. ;)

It would also be nice to have emoticons ready to be used in the writing page as well in the comment area for guest to add emoticons in their comments. :D

2 Feb 01, 2007 09:44

You can change what's on the buttons by hacking the quicktags.plugin.php

You can have smilies in posts (and comments for version 1.9.2) by installing the smiley plugin which should be in your "available plugins" list ;)


3 Feb 01, 2007 21:10

I still think these are mandatory features that should be preinstalled with the software instead of finding plugins. It would be alot user friendly for new users like me. :)

4 Feb 01, 2007 22:13

The plugin does come standard in b2evolution...

Anything that can go into a plugin, should go into a plugin, it makes coding more dynamic, and has many benefits that a tired balupton cannot say ;)

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