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1 Feb 03, 2007 13:58    

As i'm now on my 2nd beer after cracking one open for the celebration of EdB's awesome ass plugin (and because thats how i get to sleep nowadays...). I've decided that this topic is not such a bad idea, so i'm posting it.

What are your beer preferences, what do you like, what tastes do you find, etc etc.

I find that TEDs (Tooheys Extra Dry) always end up being my all round beer, then followed by Coldies (Carlton Cold). Premium beers of choice would be Hahns Super Dry (Has that nice taste as well as a strong malt), and then Hahn Premium (Extreme burn with a strong malt), and then Heiniken... With Kirn making a appearance.

I can't stand dark beers such as Toohey's old and Guiness, horrible stuff, same with bourbon can't stand it.

Anyway your turn.

Also just for fun, for drinks did you start off with :D, For me it was Smirn Blacks :oops:

2 Feb 03, 2007 14:22

balupton wrote:

I can't stand dark beers such as Toohey's old and Guiness, horrible stuff, same with bourbon can't stand it.

I guess that means we won't be tearing up Freemantle any time soon then eh?

Way back in HS it was hard liquor for me. And some pot. My time in the military taught me to appreciate beers from around the world, and lots of pot. I never had a thing for American beers. Even Canadian stuff is blah. I like the wheat beers that I can never say the name of, but to be honest Guinness is God's drink and I can prove it. Guinness is Irish right? And the Irish are pretty much Christians right? But God, if you go for that stuff, did most of his work in the middle east. Cradle of civilization and all that. So after God got off work did he stay there and party? No! He went to Ireland and threw back a pint or two of the darkest finest brew his creations could create. They had a bit of help of course, because, you know, God can get a good drink when he wants it. But then he goes back to work and does like all people (and immortal beings I guess) and started talking about all the partying he did on the weekend. THAT is why almost every bar in Israel carries [url=]Maccabee[/url] and [url=]Goldstar[/url] and (of course) [url=]GUINNESS[/url]! Hey I even found a bar there that had a Saint Patricks Day special. What other reason than divine intervention can you think of that would explain why the middle of the Jewish world in the middle of the middle east would celebrate a dead Christian Irishman?

Anyway these days I'm more inclined to a double shot of kentucky sourmash straight up and a glass of water on the side than anything with bubbles in it.

3 Feb 03, 2007 14:30

I guess that means we won't be tearing up Freemantle any time soon then eh?

Well you can drink your dark beers and i'll drink my golden beers and we'll rock it up all night... but why fremantle, northbridge all the way.

Well the australian beers are australian, and you know how much australians love being australian, we'll be australian even if we hate being australian because it's the australian thing to do, luckily though we all love being australian ;)

Also I can't stand vodka btw, I only realized like 3 weeks ago, hang on a minute, vodka isn't the only spirit!!! Yeah can't stand that licorish taste, would of been better if I knew that bottle of genuine original absinithe I bought in switzerland that set me back a few tasted like licorish, maybe would of bought a different blend of it.

And yeah guiness is irish, hence why everyone drinks it on saint patricks day, ahhh good memories, but yeah still can't stand the stuff...

4 Feb 03, 2007 14:55

Freemantle is where I spent most of my time in Australia. Loved my time there. Remember an old guy in a bar who wanted to buy us beers. Couldn't turn down the offer eh? He offers us a Fosters like Americans might not have heard of it (oh yeah I'll try that) then decides we're worth an imported beer, so buys us a round of ... get ready for it ... Budweiser :roll:

5 Feb 28, 2007 21:54

Miller High Life in bottles.

6 Feb 28, 2007 23:17

"Grafen Walder Premium Pils" - because it's from the nearest discounter.. ;)

Otherwise Becks (all tastes) or wheat beer in general (e.g. Erdinger).

<offtopic>I've started to love Whiskey though. Also Vodka, of course. </offtopic>

7 Mar 01, 2007 14:19

I enjoy Guinness. There's also a little brewery in Kansas City that makes a good wheat beer. The best is the stuff my friend makes in his garage. Mead, stout, cider and various other types of beer. A little Jim Beam is good, too.

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