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1 Feb 05, 2007 16:13    

Why don't we move most of b2evolution\blogs\conf into database to config them more easily? I learn a lot 'bout it when using such Board like phpBB, IBP, vB...
I can do them!

2 Feb 05, 2007 17:09

Well the stuff there are mainly stuff that is needed for the b2evo setup to work.

The db info to connect to the database,
The baseurls (which can be dynamic so database stuff would be horrible for this)
Debug vars that should not go in the database in case their is a problem with the database and we need to debug
Blah blah blah.

So yeah, the stuff in the conf folder is stuff that really shouldn't be in the database, hence why they are not in the database ;)

3 Feb 05, 2007 18:37

Actually, there's a shedload in /conf/ that could/should go into the db ;)


4 Feb 05, 2007 18:46

Well it must all be options no one cares (knows) about except you two ;)

5 Feb 05, 2007 18:48

You'd be suprised ;)


6 Feb 05, 2007 22:11

Sure there are some stuff need for the installation and db connect, but the rest isn't.

Well it must all be options no one cares (knows) about except you two

you are making experts difficult in optimizing their blog, and even helping another optimizing their blog.

7 Feb 06, 2007 02:30


Yabba, do you think we should add a tag in the title of feature request posts that are ready for the big boys to look at (blueyed and francois)? Like [Requested] or something, and then when they give it the go do [Approved] then when the change is is done do [Completed] then when it's added do [Added] ?

8 Feb 06, 2007 11:57

Well, if i do not misunderstand, you are going to have big boys consider this stuff? Great ^_^

9 Feb 06, 2007 13:21

balupton wrote:

Yabba, do you think we should add a tag in the title of feature request posts that are ready for the big boys to look at (blueyed and francois)?

By "blueyed and francois" you meant "EdB" right? :roll:

In conf/_admin we have a couple of settings that would be nice backoffice material:

$allow_cross_posting = 1;
$allow_moving_chapters = false;

There's a couple that would be nice to pick during install or upgrade:

$use_preview = 1;
$use_post_url = 1;  // 1 to enable, 0 to disable
$report_abuse = 1;
$maxlength_urlname_stub = 30;

conf/_advanced is a big file. I think it'd be cool if these were "on install or upgrade" items:

$require_name_email = 1;
$timeout_online_user = 300;
$minimum_comment_interval = 30;

I guess an argument could be made for putting them in the back office too. In fact anything someone has to pick on install ought to be adjustable after the fact in the admin interface. Another tab in the back office for tweaking the settings you picked when you didn't know anything about what was about to happen?
Here's a good candidate for "on install and can't be changed":

$instance_name = 'b2evo';

I give up. There's a heck of a lot of stuff someone might want to consider before installing b2evo, and tons of stuff someone might want to alter after the fact, contained in the conf folder. For example how about a post by post option for specified users to be able to change

$use_html_checker = 1;

after selecting true or false for

$use_strict =  false;

when you first install?

I got this funny feeling it'd be way too much more work to pull it out of there and properly incorporate it into both the install process and the back office than it would be worth. One bit at a time has and will move out though. For example how many people remember having to edit a conf file to tell it Sunday was the first day of the week? That became a detail contained in the locale at some point.

Anyway I don't know nothing. I don't even know what's doable in the conf folder. I gotta catch up so's we can answer questions better.

10 Feb 06, 2007 13:33

Yep yep! A long hand claps, please!
So, may I edit the script and upload onto this topic? balupton has said sth about code change in CSV patch file, but I don't think I understand what U mean

11 Feb 06, 2007 13:52

balupton speaks in tongues so no one understands him, but you lost me with your question. You can edit any aspect of b2evolution that you want to - it's free and it's yours. You can post anything you want to the forums, but posting code you want changed probably won't make it happen. If you have a thought of which variables in what file in the conf folder should be "outed" and a fairly well thought out idea of how to incorporate it into the admin interface I'm pretty sure it will be appreciated and possibly get some heads thinking, but - again - I'm pretty sure it won't automagically become part of the next release.

Francois is the main developer. Has been ever since there's been a b2evolution. He's got in his head a vision of what this thing will be for many versions yet to come, and works towards that goal. Right or wrong, good or bad, it's his project and his vision and he simply doesn't like adding "hacks".

But hey I don't mean to sound discouraging! Of course share your view of things. People come up with stuff that's just whiz-bang great. Some hacks have been around ever since forever, and some stuff that used to be done by hacking is now part of the core - not that you'd recognize the actual code.

12 Feb 06, 2007 14:38

Oh, for my question, I already know what is open source code. I just mean that may it be considered. You know, I really do not want my work to be thrown away without any looks. Cause I am afraid Francois is too busy to look through it.

13 Feb 06, 2007 15:02

oradoe, some settings have already been moved to the backoffice for the 2.0-development version (CVS HEAD).
So you should look at that code first. It would be great if you could provide a single patch (against CVS HEAD) for each config setting you'll move to the backoffice and it would be likely to get applied for future releases.

14 Feb 07, 2007 12:58

Hmm… you mean 2.0 beta? Where can I see it?
First, in _locales.php:
$use_l10n should be 0 or 1 in backoffice;
$allow_po_extraction should be in backoffice;
$evo_charset is no longer needed, even sometimes make us confused with UTF8;
$force_io_charset_if_accepted is no longer needed;
$db_config['connection_charset'] in no longer needed';
$default_locale should be in _config.php;
$locales should be placed in installation setup file, then stay in DB;
I just had a look into this file because I'm doing some hacks. Considering anothers…

15 Feb 07, 2007 17:05

No blueyed, is correct, the following will definitely be worth reading:

CVS HEAD is the say the "trunk" of the tree, and then the branches come out of it, eg. 1.8, 1.9, however I do not believe there is a 2.0 branch yet as it is just developed in the HEAD. Eg. 2.0 is the trunk of the tree atm, and eventually a 2.0 branch will sprout.

A CVS Patch which blueyed and myself have referred to can be made via your cvs tool. If you are using windows and TortoiseCVS things are a lot more simpler for first timers, and you should be able to figure it out.

16 Feb 10, 2007 20:42

oradoe wrote:

$evo_charset is no longer needed, even sometimes make us confused with UTF8;
$force_io_charset_if_accepted is no longer needed;
$db_config['connection_charset'] in no longer needed';

It is needed. Those settings "just" got introduced. I second that they create confusion, but François did not want to "just use utf-8", so we have this (IMHO) "mess".

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