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1 Feb 06, 2007 00:53    


When posting EDITING (calling metaWeblog.editPost) using Movable Type API (MetaWeblog API), the following error occurs: "No categories for this blog".

I've tracked this down to the following thing: metaWeblog.editPost doesn't send blogID (as required by specs). But b2evolution uses the following code to look for categories:

	// Categories:
	$cat_IDs = _mw_get_cat_IDs($contentstruct, $blog_ID, true /* empty is ok */);

The SQL code in this function uses $blog_ID. However, since $blog_ID is not defined, it fails to find categories and dies with error "No categories for this blog".

Proposal: somehow we need to get $blog_ID from $post_ID. Is there any way to do it?


mt_allow_comments and mt_allow_pings must be integer values instead of strings in XMLRPC responses, as in specs.

P.S. b2evolution Version 1.9.2.

Thank you in advance! If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

@Dmitry from BlogJet

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