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1 Feb 08, 2007 11:07    

Just a little 350 character description underneath a post title would be great don't you think?

3 Feb 08, 2007 11:23

Yeah it could for the mean time, just suggesting this for the core.

4 Feb 09, 2007 19:24

350 wouldn't work. I'd need at least 352.

So like a "post summary" field that could be optionally displayed or not? I'm guessing the plugin mentioned will do that? Another way is to use !M and !NP when you write, but it still a good idea for the core. Especially when you see where b2evo is moving much more towards content management than basic advanced blog app. Post summaries would allow the admin to display a page of them without displaying any of the actual content. In a work world I could easily see where the content provider can understand what "summary" means without knowing what !M and !NP mean.

Anyway this would be cool in the core even though I've got very little use for it myself.

5 Feb 09, 2007 20:06

Why would u need the extra 2 chars?

Yeah like you know in forum software there is the subject and a little description, this forum software doesn't have it though, but a lot do.

It would be one of those nice little touches on b2evo, and would make it so we could probably browse posts by just titles and taglines without content. Eg.

Digg Plugin v1 released.

Woah Man!!! Their Slow!!!
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