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1 Feb 11, 2007 18:36    

Currently I have a associative arrays and functions solution, but this could be converted to a class, anyone done this before or know the pros / cons of it?

2 Oct 05, 2007 00:14

associative arrays will be fast but will take up more memory space.function and class is almost smae but cl;ass has an advantage that it can be resuable and easy to maintain and looks more professional

3 Oct 05, 2007 01:24

What makes you think they take up more memory space?

4 Oct 05, 2007 06:01

how much memory space an array takes depends on the way you use it.
But i have generally seen people using it inefficiently i.e. they just fetch whole dataset in array when they just need few data fields.
Also i have seen that many people when they use array they tend to forget to free up memory space which array took,
However if you are making a simple script or problem memory considerations are not so significant.

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