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Started by on Feb 14, 2007 – Contents updated: Feb 14, 2007

1 Feb 14, 2007 11:45    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.2

I'd love to have this:

on my b2e web site.

2 Feb 14, 2007 12:39

I agree! mmmm.. that gives me an idea :)

3 Feb 16, 2007 16:24

lol, sheesh mention the word tag and you just drool with happiness huh? :p


4 Feb 22, 2007 13:12

mmm, yes I like clouds.

I tried doing that one way (that code ended up not working right, balupton) so it took me a little longer than I had hoped.

I could use my shortstats data to populate that but it would really be skewed - this way it will be fairly fresh, and then i can put that on my archives page. :)

I do need to fix one minor glitch though.

I dont see why that couldnt be done for b2evo as well.

5 Feb 22, 2007 13:35

to the OP:

I should add that having done this I see a few risks - maybe you haven't considered ...

Most importantly,

1. referers can be spoofed very easily, so given the proper syntax it's possible for spam links to be inserted into that. A publically available plugin might hasten that, if it were to happen at all. (Im not sure spammers are really that smart, _yet_ )

Still though, its a nifty idea for cloudwhores like myself

6 Feb 22, 2007 13:53

That was one of the things I had wondered about such a tag cloud: where would it pull the search data from?

7 Feb 22, 2007 20:50

as far as I remember all versions of b2evo back to 0.9.1 have done some sort of statistical capture on hits, referers, etc..

balupton informed me that 1.9.2 logs the results of search engine queries, which means basically that thats where the data ought to be pulled from, since its already there, and being captured.

In fact, I changed my own to use the statistical "package" I've been using for some time, shortstats. I got to thinking that there was no sense reinventing the wheel, and I liked the way it was handling filtering.

[fixed]the trouble with that is that shortstats logs repeat queries differently.. ill have to deal with that before this data is useful.[/fixed]

Now that ive done that, I really like how it looks. :)

8 Feb 22, 2007 22:15

cslepage wrote:

That was one of the things I had wondered about such a tag cloud: where would it pull the search data from?

I see what youre asking (the reference to my spam/spoofing remark). a good deal of search engines append a q? to the search query in their results listing - so referers that include that q? in the referer are pretty easy to capture.

Heres a good example of what Im talking about:

If I spoofed that as a referer and hit my site enough, that url > ( would end up in my cloud.
Of course, if youve tacked on your domain to the search results, like Ive done, any links that they might attempt to include will be useless.

Ive not seen this in action, but im positive it can be done.

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