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1 Feb 18, 2007 13:37    

Hi all,

These are my b2evo installations:

my blog:

my community site, launched a few days ago:

my brother´s site, launched yesterday:

and I´ve a few more to do...

I´ve found that b2evo is an excellent cms, very simple to install and maintain, very easy to customize, a great engine even for someone like me who has just started making web sites...

many thanks to the creators :)


2 Apr 08, 2007 07:50

*spam crap removed*

3 Apr 10, 2007 19:08

Nice job with all three!

4 Apr 24, 2007 16:36

Just learned b2evolution blog, I usually use MT.

6 Jul 22, 2007 12:12

Great desing job, in special I like the balance of colors of the first one, but if you permit me one comment, if you test the templates simply pressing [Ctrl +][Ctrl -] on Firefox you can see the text wrap out of the pixel fixed wide body.

Not a problem, but for me this is very annoying because I like to read the posts with my eyes at least at 70 cm. of the LCD screen and the years do not help to improve my visual sharpness.

Just my two cents.

7 Nov 17, 2007 00:26

Thanks for your kind comments

yes, when you zoom the layout doesn´t goes with the text... its my design limits :)



8 Nov 27, 2007 03:31

you have three? Good blogs!

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