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1 Mar 03, 2007 08:18    

I have just upgraded to 1.9.2 through my fantastico service. Now my You Tube plugin won't allow me to search. I can manually locate the code and use the plugin to place it in my blog however if I push the You Tube button I get a page error in IE7.

I have noticed that in my write page under Text Renderers the YouTube option is not ticked, however it won't let me tick it. Now I have reinstalled the plugin and that doesn't work either. Any ideas.
Thanks everyone.

2 Mar 03, 2007 14:29

What does the error message say?

3 Mar 03, 2007 23:49

I'm not really getting an error other than sometimes the page error comes up at the bottom of IE7, it's mainly it won't give me the You Tube Search box or allow me to tick YT

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