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1 Mar 11, 2007 16:17    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

This may seem weird, but I don't want to let registered users log in or change anything about their profile. I'm using b2evo to manage content, and for that I've pretended people are users. I use their email addy and name and stuff, but I don't want them to ever log in and change anything. None of them have permission to post or edit anything, but how can I lock my users out of their own profiles?

2 Mar 11, 2007 18:25

maybe with a hack in the admin skin?

I don't know where, but I think thats a way

3 Mar 28, 2007 05:52

Edb... I would like to see something similar to what you are saying, but perhaps a little more expansive.

If there is a way to accomplish the following now? I really would like to know how.

1. Bloggers (who are not admins) should just be able to blog.. They should be able to create new blogs, post in them, edit, delete posts or blogs, change dates of posts.

2. Bloggers should not be able to delete the admins or change anyone else's permissions. Those should be strictly admin privileges.


Currently, in order to give a blogger permission to create (and manage) blogs and change post dates, you must grant him or her the ability to remove an admin or reduce a current admin to user status. That creates an unworkable situation.

I am trying to set up a blog environment for university class situations. This will have many installations of b2evo, each one for a particular class work group (sometimes there will be several installations done for a particular class). Generally only four or five students would ever have access to a given installation, but I want all of them to be able to have the privileges described in the paragraph (1) above. The individual professors (or his or her designee) for those classes will be the only admins. I don't want students to be able to change their professor's admin status (or status of fellow students), because they will.

What I am wanting is not possible now is it? The way I have explained it to others is that creation and maintenance of new blogs is not possible without giving up admin control, so unless there is a solution to this dilemma, only an admin can create a new blog.

Am I right or are there controls I am not seeing?

4 Sep 14, 2007 22:20

I see this is an old topic and im not sure if anyone solved the problem, if they have could you point me to where it has been published.

I have noticed that this was a problem fixed by the autoblog program but autoblog doesn't work with any current version of b2e.

Im sorry I have no solutions but this just might be a help for you clever guys.

5 Sep 15, 2007 22:18

Come on EdB you can figure this out. Here's a hint, plugin, make a fake user setting, or even just use AdminBeginHTMLHead() and if the user id isn't you, then screw with the post and get variables.

On another note, I do have a plugin out (for about a year now) which stops bloggers editing other bloggers posts.

But if you don't want them to change anything why not just disable their admin access?

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