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1 Mar 11, 2007 22:40    


The multiple skins available for blogs are superb, but what about:

1. Chosing a set of skin available only in one blog? (a selection of skins from the ones available). The skin selection would be available for one blog only (and not for other blogs), or: The blog would have only a certain set of skins available to chose, but the same skins could be included in other blogs, too (for example: with other skins)

We then would not have to delete skins that we don't want to use.

For example: our site has skins: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. The skins F,G,H are the ones that were with the instalation.

Blog 1: when visiting this blog, user can chose skin A or B.
Blog 2: Visitor can switch between C,D,E skins
Blog 3: Visitor can chose among skins A,B and C,E.
Blog 4: all skins.


How about having something like this?

2. Can we now determine which blogs we want to be displayed in a bloglist which is usually located at the very top? (in demo: Blog A, Blog B, Linkbog...). It would also be very nice...

2 Mar 11, 2007 23:23

Item 2 is easy: each blog has a setting for "include in public blog list" on the Blog settings tab. Uncheck it and the blog won't be listed there.

Item 1 would be neat.

3 Mar 17, 2007 07:45

b2evo 2.0's take on this is that each blog will only have one skin.

However you can have sibling blog that aggregate the main blog with a different skin. From there you may be able to build a lot of combinations ;)

4 Mar 26, 2007 03:21

I really like this kind of "skin restriction" feature (maybe relating them to the user's permissions group that the users are within?) Also, it would be neat to add some kind of restriction to "just use it here skin".

The most probable case scenario that I had in mind, could be that the main blog has a skin, that cannot be used in the other blogs within the site (and if those can switch skins, they cannot pick the "cover skin") Therefore, IMO its a "popular" feature to add to the b2evo system.

Summarizing, adding skin restrictions accoording the users type and/or according the blog would be totally sweet! :D

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