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1 Mar 26, 2007 23:31    


I've just installed b2evolution 10 minutes ago - I'm quite impressed with the functionality. And now I'm about to explore this great software - a first question:

How do I create new posts from a PHP program? My scenario is that I have a PHP program that reads an xml file and depending on the xml-file content I want to create new posts to my blog.

Is this possible?

Second question. I saw that it is possible to make posts by email. Is it also possible to post by submitting URL's? (i.e something like: http://<myblog>/submit.php?blog=<id>&subject=<subject>&content=<content>;

Kind regards from a newbie

2 Mar 27, 2007 03:15

I haven't got a solution for your php thingy to post xml, but I give you a lead to [url=]Blogtk[/url] that does essentially what you want in Python. That is, if I grab the idea of your request correctly.

Post by email is implemented. Have a look at this [url=]entry[/url] in the manual. There is a reference to the ../blogs/cron/getmail.php file. This file looks pretty easy to trim. Well, easy, that is, if you know what your after. Just delete all that's got to do with the POP (receiving email). The email in itself is basically one line with some variables and that's just what you want if you want to insert a post by url ($_POST).

So I'm pretty sure it can be done.

Good luck

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