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Moving your b2evolution installation

Started by on May 07, 2004 – Contents updated: May 07, 2004

May 07, 2004 19:03    

Once you've uploaded b2evolution to ht[/i]tp:// and got it looking how you want, you'll probably want to move it to somewhere more convenient, maybe to the root of your domain, so when visitors go to ht[i]tp:// they'll see your blog.

To do this, you first should open up conf/_basic_config.php and change the line that says:


$baseurl = '';

To read:


$baseurl = '';

Then simply upload the contents of your /blogs directory to the root of your domain (where your public html directory is).

[Edit: 15 June 08]

With and upwards, you can also re-upload your install folder, and run it in your browser again. Select Change Your Base Configuration, and type in your new url. This means you don't have to edit _basic_config.php manually.

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