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1 Apr 16, 2007 13:35    

I've finally released the code of the plugin FCKeditor.
This plugin extends the b2evolution blog to use a fast and powerful WYSIWYG editor.

The code used on this plugin is heavily based on the tinyMCE plugin code. So, if you find any problem report it to tinyMCE author, please ... LOL :) (its a joke, of course)

Download it from here:
or from Sourceforge: [Edited 23-abr-07]

Victor Fariña from [url=]Queres Tecnologias[/url]

2 Apr 20, 2007 00:54

Hi there. This looks really good and I'm going to give it a go, especially if it works well with Firefox! B)

I have one question. My installation of b2evolution is not in the root directory, but in a folder called "blogs". Therefore, when I create a directory weblog/media/, should it go in the root directory or the blogs directory? Alternatively, if I edit the two files specified, do I include /blogs/ in the path or not?

Thanks. Not a total newbie, but new to b2evolution. :p

3 Apr 20, 2007 06:23

Hi, your archive is not working.

Tried your direct dl link and your sourceforge download.
Won't open.


EDIT: never mind.. had problems with winrar. got broke coz of a recent crash.

A question then..
Where should the weblog/media/ be created? It's kinda so open-ended, it could be in:

plugins/FCKeditor/weblog/media/ or
root/weblog/media/ or

I don't like editing plugin files, we tend to forget about the minor edits when updating the plugin.

Thanks in advance!

4 Apr 23, 2007 20:18

The directory weblog/media could be on the ROOT opf your webserver, i.e.
I've got installed apache on /var/www/,
My blog is at /var/www/weblog/ and my media directory is at:
/var/www/weblog/media/ .

If you have ROOT/blogs, you must create ROOT/weblog/media or you could change thje variable $Config['UserFilesPath'] to /blogs/media and create it.

This must be a configuration parameter of course, but i dont know how to achieve it with the plugins structure of b2evolution.


5 May 20, 2007 17:13

Good plugin. Works fine in Internet Explorer. But it doesn’t seems to work in Opera.

6 Jul 08, 2007 09:51

Works fine but It doesn´t work when you import a file (for example a image) from the Archives admin menu.

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