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1 Apr 19, 2007 14:35    

Mike Davidson article that highlights the real motive behind News articles being broken up over several pages... it's not about user comfort, it's all about their "page views" stats.

How does this apply to blogs? The dreaded "Read More" that's often included in 2 paragraph articles :)

[url=]Mike Davidson: Pagination and Page-View Juicing are Evil[/url]

"You’ve seen it a thousand times. You’re reading a great article on the web, you get to the bottom of the page, and there it is:"

He makes some good points about where page breaks could or should be made...

Food for thought

2 Apr 19, 2007 15:05

I've used !M when I figured enough was up front to let someone know if they wanted to click through to read the full article. Usually posts about b2evolution hackage, figuring most folk don't care and those who do will click through.

By the way "read more" and pagination are two different things. Read more allows a teaser that whets the visitor's appetite to click through to your permalink page. Pagination makes multiple pages out of one post, where you can skip to any of the pages if you want. I've only done that once when I wrote up a post about how to upgrade skins from 0.9.* to 1.6.* (I think). Anyway I manually built a table of contents for the post to explain the content of each page. That should also explain that each page covered a specific detail of the very broad subject "upgrading your skin".

How does it apply to blogs? It's probably at least partially true if your blog is chock full of adverts for this and that and the other thing. "If I do a lot of ReadMores and a whole bunch of pagination visitors will have to see my stupid google ads and probably click on all of them and I'll be RICH!!!".

For me though it's entirely about how I organize and present my content. I have no ads, and once you've seen the stuff that isn't my content you've pretty much seen all you're going to see.

Here's a great example. I just posted a "testing my style sheet" thing to see how different stuff looked. I should go back and put a "read more" in there because of two reasons. First, it's another thing that gets styled. Second, it breaks my xhtml validation due to using OL (a bug). Heck I should add pagination to that post because it too can be styled. Hmmm... I could use pagination to include images floated this way and that to test those styling details. I wonder what happens if you do a ReadMore with Pagination?

I forget which news source does it, but I've noticed their "next page" thing shows up when the content reaches the length of the longer of the two sidebars. Cute trick there, and obviously based on layout more than anything else. I guess that means they think I'll see their ads, but I don't so phooey on them.

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