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1 Apr 21, 2007 22:47    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I have tried several times to post a question and it has accused me of posting something "spammy"... first I put my web address, so whomever was giving me feedback could see it, so I removed that; then I had a list of my blog categories, so I removed those; in the end I believe I only had text and Thank you, MyName ...what did I do wrong? Just wanna avoid this in future posts. Thx!

2 Apr 22, 2007 00:52

I can't say EXACTLY what the issue is, but whoo and topanga do a pretty good job of killing off spammers, so whatever the issue I'm sure you'll get past it eventually. Dig this: one of the tools used prevents new users from posting "spammy" stuff for X days and Y posts. I don't know the list, but eventually, IF this is the filter that's stopping you, you'll get past it by being here for more than X days and Y posts. How many is X and Y? That's a mystery known only to whoo and topanga ;)

Anyway be a bit patient and test stuff one sentence at a time, for example by replying to this thread, until you see that either you can make the whole thing happen or you find out what the problematic bit is. Reply to this! You'll be one post closer to satisfying Y - whatever it may be!

PS: I'm thinking of moving this to the chat forum because your actual problem isn't identified here. When you get past the filters you'll be able to post a support thread in the support forum. Any complaints?

3 Apr 22, 2007 01:06

hi eric,

the word in your posts that's triggering that is "products" without the quotes.

Mew members have their post content looked at for one post OR for a period of 24 hours for 'spammy' words.

I get an e-mail on every one thats caught -- and the amount of false positives is very low...

Ive edited your substitute post to match what I saw in the first e-mail.

Sorry for the inconvenience and feel free to pm me if you have any further trouble.

4 Apr 22, 2007 03:20

wewt=) okie dokie... thanks you two !!

And yeah... EdB-- wherever you think this needs to be filed. /cheers!

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