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1 May 03, 2007 17:02    

When I try to post by e-mail, and then run the cron job from IE, this is the response I get:

Connecting to pop server...
Logging into pop server...
Getting message #1...


Subject: apot:Word of the Day: "pantheon"

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Raw content:


<b>pantheon</b> \PAN-thee-on; -uhn\, noun:
<li>A temple dedicated to all the gods; especially (capitalized), the
building so called at Rome.</li>
<li>The collective gods of a people; as, a goddess of the Greek
pantheon. </li>
<li>A public building commemorating and dedicated to the famous dead
of a nation. </li>
<li>A group of highly esteemed persons.</li>

<p><i>Pantheon</i> comes from Greek <i>pantheion</i>, "temple of all the
gods," from <i>pan-</i>, "all" + <i>theos</i>, "god."</p>

<p><b>Example Sentence</b></p>
<p>Well into the fourteenth century the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Prince
Gediminas, still put his faith in Perkunas, the god of thunder and
forests, who ruled over the many other gods and goddesses in the
Lithuanian <b>pantheon</b>.</p>
<p>Yaffa Eliach,<i>There Once Was a World</i></p>

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Cannot post, please correct these errors:
Parser error: > required near ce Was a World</i></p> <p><

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Log::reset() in /home/poundoft/public_html/cron/getmail.php on line 328

Can anybody help me please?? Thanks in advance!

2 May 23, 2007 17:01

Have you tried sending a simple test post?

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