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1 Jun 04, 2007 00:30    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I just finished a little hack to automagically create blogs for members of a specified group in a phpbb installation. That means a naked b2evolution installation now has 38 new blogs without content. Rather than try to tell these people how to find and enable the "include in public blog list" feature I thought it would be really cool if there was a little hack to check that box upon posting. Something like:

if( this_post_is_public AND this_is_the_only_public_post ) {

That way after someone posts their blog will show up. If they notice that and don't want it and figure out how to uncheck the box then the next post won't check the box again.

I'll show the file I used to create the blogs in a little while. Gonna pretty it up a bit before I do.

2 Jun 04, 2007 08:48

Have a lil drink on me ;)


3 Jun 04, 2007 15:45

Dude you're crazy. Yeah it looks good so I'll give it a go real soon. Got a lot on my plate today so I dunno if it'll be today, but real soon. Heck I'll make a post just to see if my blog shows up in the list.

Nice little plugin by the way. Shows what one can do when one really understands how it all works ;)

4 Jun 04, 2007 16:21

HOORAY FOR ¥åßßå!!! It works, though anyone who thought otherwise was, very simply, set up to be let down.

5 Jun 04, 2007 19:49

You rack the skittles and I'll provide the ball ;)


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