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1 Jun 07, 2007 22:17    

Hey I went through a few of the suggestions for having random images show up on the blog and I couldnt find anything that fit my needs. I found this really simple scrcipt you can use.


* Name your images 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc.
* Add this line to your page where you want the images to 
* appear: <?php include "randomimage.php"; ?>

// Change this to the total number of images in the folder
$total = "11";

// Change to the type of files to use eg. .jpg or .gif
$file_type = ".jpg";

// Change to the location of the folder containing the images
$image_folder = "images/random";

// You do not need to edit below this line

$start = "1";

$random = mt_rand($start, $total);

$image_name = $random . $file_type;

echo "<img src=\"$image_folder/$image_name\" alt=\"$image_name\" />";


i am no php guru, just trying to give back a little.
credit for this goes to:


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