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1 Jun 19, 2007 18:05    

Holy crap this looks awesome. I should blog it but I'll cover it here first because this is where the b2evolution audience is. Folks dig it: 2.0 is freakin awesome looking. I've only been in it for about 10 minutes playing with a blog Francois gave me, but holy cow it's freakin awesome.

I flat-out do NOT have time to delve into it today right now, but wow y'all for sure need to look forward to 2.0 when it comes out.

My evoblog is completely empty right now, and probably will be for a while, but hit it and subscribe to it in your feed reader. When I take a major road trip soon I'll be live-blogging from the highway. You will have to put up with stupid crap where I ogle hot young girls along the road, but every now and then I'll share some insights into how it feels to drive the 2.0 release.

If 2.0 comes out before my journey then why bother with what I say about it? Ain't it cool how you can drop a feed as easily as you can add one?

3 Jun 19, 2007 19:35

Dude I totally love that photoshop!

I'm bummed. I had a "first post" pretty much ready to publish, tried to preview it, and realized I had to allow javascript from the new domain name. When I did I lost the content. Kept the title and excerpt (yeah folks there's an excerpt thingie), but lost the actual content. Heck I even had a groovy question that I am completely sure would have been answered with "no we don't do that", but it's gone because I accept that my flashes of brilliance are momentary and must be captured live else they fade. Such is life eh?

Oh and you ain't got nuthin gonna beat my server down, so bring it on little girl: bring it ON! Heck the defenses I've thrown away as old-school dwarf what you think is worth bragging about.

(...runs off to ban all IPs from everywhere except right here because totally clueless people should stfu early - and I didn't...)

4 Jun 19, 2007 19:45

EdB wrote:

I accept that my flashes of brilliance are momentary and must be captured live else they fade. Such is life eh?

Throw yerself off enough cliffs and at least one of them won't fade ... it'll be an endless moment :

$approaching_ground = true;
while( $approaching_ground )
  $renewed = new OhhShit();


7 Jun 19, 2007 20:57

Thank you Y-ster-man! My inane drivel (which is "code" for 'insightful analysis') beats a demo any day. Plus a demo never told you "this sucks" and I will.

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