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1 Jul 11, 2007 13:50    

Version: 1.10.2

I installed the YouTube plugin without problem, however when I try to view it in the Opera browser the thumbnails are barely visible.

Firefox has no problem showing me the clear full color images.

You can see the side by side images at

Also, and this would be a matter for another forum, Opera does not show the Type or Link to URL boxes on my 1024x768 screen.[/img]

2 Jul 11, 2007 18:47

On Opera 9.21 I can see the Type box but the Link box doesn't show completely. As far as the YouTube plugin. I never had that issue previously with Opera. I didn't install this time because the Video plugin integrated with 1.10.2 offers YouTube insertion and a couple others. I was never a big fan of the little thumbs for the standalone plugin anyways. I preferred searching YouTube to find exactly what I wanted and then copying over what I needed.

3 Aug 06, 2007 14:02

... I have a problem with YouTube, too.

If I try to post a video to my blog after inserting the YouTube-URL into the "Enter video ID"-window, I get no error, but the video is missing on my blog, just white space...

4 Aug 07, 2007 21:00

You're just supposed to enter the video ID, not the whole url.

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