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1 Jul 16, 2007 22:55    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I have created a banner in Photo Shop that I would like to place on my Blog, but I am not very tech-savvy...Is there an easy way for me to implement my banner onto my blog without knowing any code?

Thanks, all help is appreciated.

2 Jul 17, 2007 22:00


the easiest way to accomplish this is to:

1. upload the banner to the media files section of the admin for that blog, then

2. edit the .css file associated with your blog (should be found under skins/skin_name/skin_name.css

you are looking for the code most likely associated with the div.pageHeader.

div.pageHeader {
padding: 10ex;
margin: 0 10px 0ex 10px;
border-bottom:...etc, etc

the line you want to edit should read:

bacground: #78a;  

change it to:

background: url("filename.jpg/gif/etc") top center no-repeat;


3 Jul 25, 2007 15:51

Here is a very simple solution that the purists (people who know what they are doing with css like Afwas) will not approve of... but I just like to stick a table in there and show the banner in the right hand column of a two column table. There would be a way to do this table in your styles sheets, but I don't have a clue. The "Table" function is on it's way to html deprecation, but for now it is still supported, so I use it whenever I need a quick solution. The following works for me (put your banner jpg up on some remote site like photobucket, or in a folder somewhere on our own server and you have your solution).

<div class="pageHeader">
<table cols=2 width="100%" >
<td><h1 id="pageTitle"><?php $Blog->disp( 'name', 'htmlbody' ) ?></h1>&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php $Blog->disp( 'tagline', 'htmlbody' ) ?></td>

<td><img src="" class="rightmargin" /></td>


4 Aug 09, 2007 20:31

thanks guys...appreciate it

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