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1 Jul 20, 2007 06:32    

I had database 9340.

In install/_functions_evoupgrade.php from line 1512 onward:

	// ____________________________ 1.10: ____________________________

	if( $old_db_version < 9350 )
		echo 'Updating post tables... ';
		$DB->query( "ALTER TABLE {$tableprefix}posts CHANGE COLUMN
 post_content post_content MEDIUMTEXT NULL" );
		$DB->query( 'ALTER TABLE T_item__prerendering CHANGE
 COLUMN itpr_content_prerendered itpr_content_prerendered MEDIUMTEXT
 NULL' );

where T_items__prerendering is created not before line 1739:

	if( $old_db_version < 9414 )
		echo "Renaming tables...";
		$DB->query( "RENAME TABLE
 {$tableprefix}item__prerendering TO T_items__prerendering,

but it is also created in line 1399:

	if( $old_db_version < 9315 )
CREATE TABLE T_item__prerendering(

So there is an in-betweener version wise, or a typo, because it is T_items__ and evo_item__ but it's T_item__ in line 1399.

I am not completely sure, but it works if you change line 1518 to {$tableprefix}item__prerendering, but I got another error (does the double quote have to do with it?) and changed to hardcoded evo_item__prerendering and that worked.

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