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1 Jul 20, 2007 07:14    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hi my friends; I dunno why, but when using the advices in, it simply doesnt work the way it should! For example:

<div class="bSideItem">
	<?php $BlogBList = & new ItemList( 5,  '', '', '', '', '', array(), '', 'DESC', '', 1, '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'posts' );
	while( $Item = $BlogBList->get_item() )	{ ?>
	<strong><?php $Item->permanent_link('#title#'); ?></strong>
	<div style="cursor:pointer" onclick='window.location="<?php echo $Item->get_permanent_url(); ?>"'>
		<?php $Item->content(1,false,'#','#','#','#','htmlattr'); ?>
	<?php }  ?>		

Those lines (pulling the correct blog) just pulls the title of the post, and not the whole thing (content included) The other options posted at that thing in the wiki, just gives that gray & pink error boxes. Im using Florida... maybe its coz of that? Thanks in advance! :D

2 Jul 22, 2007 02:19

Please change the URL in your post and remove te trailing comma.

The other two examples might not work if the category id # doesn't exist. The pink & grey thing is a MySQL error.

At first I thought: there isn't going to be a content, this is only meant to give a list and you click the title to get to the post. Then I was fooled by the Docs, and by this line:

<?php $Item->content(1,false,'#','#','#','#','htmlattr'); ?>

but now I found this [url=]entry in the manual[/url] that clearly explains that the $Item->content() give a <!more> link and so I am back at my first thoughts: This code is not supposed to give the full post, only a link to it.

Have you considered the [url=]SideBlog[/url] plugin?

Good luck

[ Edited and enhanced with fresh thoughts]

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