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1 Jul 21, 2007 18:14    

I was thinking, maybe we should do something like 37signals does here:
For those of you who don't know who 37signals are, they are 7 people who work together on their own web software.
Anyway, that blog is really great for getting their development thoughts, product updates etc. (I read pretty much all their stuff, even though I don't use their products).

Anyway I thought it would be good for the main b2evolution players to work together on a blog about their b2evolution thoughts/ideas/work/etc. So I could post about like how it is good for extensibility for the users and developers, EdB can post about how awesome it is in laymen terms, Yabba can post about the awesome new elite ass shit in it that only the top developers in the world would understand. (I'm joking here).

But you get the idea, when we find a plugin or something we like, we post about it.

Well I think it is a good way to get b2evolution out there, and in a lot of different angles.

What do you guys think?

3 Jul 22, 2007 01:26

Well I guess it is a backhanded compliment, but without the insult factor, just a little fun thrown in there ;)

Besides, EdB said the same thing before a wise old man wrote:

A month later Yabba shows up at #582. No one really remembers anything about this event because no one really understands what he was talking about.


4 Jul 23, 2007 12:27

Hey actually could this topic be moved into the chat away section?

And well, I'm going to go ahead with this idea even if it is me only. Going to be making a b2evo skin that looks like the admin skin sometime as well.

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