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1 Jul 24, 2007 12:48    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I've just installed b2evolution and am grappling with PHP and HTML.

I want the sidebar to show the titles of the previous 50 posts, so if you click them you read the post. (I deliberately make all titles short, so they'll normally fit on one line.)

Any help gratefully received.

2 Jul 24, 2007 16:20

I think you can set your archives to "single post" mode, then use the archives plugin and tell it to show 50 items. I'm not sure where, but the first part is a setting in your back office (admin area). The second part will require that you edit your skins/yourskin/_main.php file and make the archives plugin do 50 posts. Like this:

		// -------------------------- ARCHIVES INCLUDED HERE -----------------------------
		// Call the Archives plugin:
		$Plugins->call_by_code( 'evo_Arch', array(	// Add parameters below:
			) );
		// -------------------------------- END OF ARCHIVES ----------------------------------

3 Jul 25, 2007 11:47

Thanks for this, especially for promptness of response.

Actually it didn't quite do what I wanted, I also had to set the mode to 'postbypost', but your comments put me on the right track.

The final code I used was:

// -------------------------- ARCHIVES INCLUDED HERE -----------------------------
// Call the Archives plugin:
$Plugins->call_by_code( 'evo_Arch', array( // Add parameters below:
'limit'=>50, 'mode'=>'postbypost',
) );
// ---------------------------- END OF ARCHIVES ----------------------------- ?>

4 Jul 25, 2007 15:26

Edb, you provided an excellent solution to this same request in this thread:

Also, in that thread a poster named isaac provided a script that some people liked (link is dead now). Edb you commented also in that thread about his script. Did you download that one for your own archives? I don't know that his script would be any better than your solution... but maybe it did the same thing without using the permalinks (which are not exactly the same as going to the post... but will certainly do).

However, Edb 's own solution described there works fine. Here is a tip for all new users... just go to search, put Edb in the author field, and what you are searching for in the search area... the solution is there 99% of the time. (I also do the same thing with ¥åßßå and Afwas. I really never need to ask questions anymore using this method with these three poster names).

5 Jul 25, 2007 16:21

Wow that was an oldie! Yeah way back then Isaac was all over the forums. One of the "big name" players when I was new to this application, but time tends to cause people and things to move on... Hacking a bit out of summary.php will still work, but since there is an easier method it makes sense to use it right? Anyway I have nothing from obsolete versions anymore. Once I upgrade all the other stuff is gone. It serves well when it works, but eventually it fades ya know?

Hey and thanks for the kind words!

6 Jul 27, 2007 13:50

Hi, a follow on.

I've got the sidebar showing the archive of posts by title. When you click one, you go to a new page.

What I want is for the archive page to be (or look) the same as the main page.

So then you could click through the archived posts and nothing would change other than the post shown.

I don't know where to start looking on this.



7 Jul 27, 2007 17:57

Sounds to me like it should do what you want. Skin selection for each blog is the only thing I can think of that would make the permalink page not be like the main page. Got a link to your blog so we can see the problem?

9 Jul 27, 2007 18:26

That's your skin. It likes to make permalink pages not have a sidebar. You can either customize a different skin, or make that one show a sidebar on the permalink pages. Check out skins/yourskin/_main.php and you MIGHT find in there a way to make it show the sidebar. If not that's where you would edit it, but you'll have to follow through the logic to find the bit that decides if there is a sidebar or not.

10 Jul 30, 2007 06:03

Hey Blake -- Edb is right on here (as usual)... it's just the skin you are using that is causing the problem. Here's a tip for you. Build your blog modifying the Nifty_Corners skin (provided with your installation or you can download it). That particular skin will show a sidebar column with the permalink view. Off you go... and there is your solution.

11 Jul 30, 2007 12:48

Thanks all, I'm starting to get it.

Seems to me the trick is to pick the skin with the functionality (rather than the look) closest to what you want, then strip out or modify the surface stuff like colours in the stylesheet.css or main.php.

If you don't get the starting point right you're into major surgery. If you do, it's fairly painless.

I'll let you know if I hit problems.

This comment is offered in case it helps anyone else, some sort of repayment for the help you've given me.

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