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1 Jul 27, 2007 00:59    

I'm using b2evolution version 1.10.2 Some rendering plugins installed (including youtube plugin)

[u]When a post with rendering code in the content is sent via trackback, the content is not pre-rendered via installed rendering plugin.[/u]

There is no RenderItemAsHtml() event call before trackback call.

For example, creating a new post, trackbacks() function is called directly with $edited_Item->content that cointains text without plugin rendering!

trackbacks( $post_trackbacks, $edited_Item->content, $edited_Item->title, $edited_Item->ID);

function trackbacks( $post_trackbacks, $content, $post_title, $post_ID )
	echo "<div class=\"panelinfo\">\n";
	echo "<h3>", T_('Sending trackbacks...'), "</h3>\n";
		echo "<p>", T_('No trackback to be sent.'), "</p>\n";
		$excerpt = (strlen(strip_tags($content)) > 255) ? substr(strip_tags($content), 0, 252).'...' : strip_tags($content);
		echo "<p>", T_('Excerpt to be sent:'), " $excerpt</p>\n";
		$trackback_urls = split('( )+', $post_trackbacks,10);		// fplanque: ;
		foreach($trackback_urls as $tb_url)
		{ // trackback each url:
			$tb_url = trim($tb_url);
			if( empty( $tb_url ) ) continue;
			trackback($tb_url, $post_title, $excerpt, $post_ID);
		echo "<p>", T_('Trackbacks done.'), "</p>\n";
	echo "</div>\n";

What about a call for a rendering content event before calling trackbacks() that does the final strip_tags()?

Forgive me, because I don't know if this is a bug, a feature, an hack request or a new implementation request. :)


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