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Started by on Jul 27, 2007 – Contents updated: Jul 27, 2007

1 Jul 27, 2007 16:14    

Since yesterday I'm getting this error in one of my blogs whetn trying to update the antispam list:

Error remoto: No data received from server. (6)

It also says:

Información adicional sobre este erro:

MySQL error!

Lost connection to MySQL server during query(Errno=2013)

Your query:

FROM evo_antispam



Información adicional sobre este erro:

MySQL error!

MySQL server has gone away(Errno=2006)

Your query: Session::dbsave()

UPDATE evo_sessions SET
sess_data = NULL,
sess_ipaddress = '',
sess_key = 'cmMmjWa9ia8p1PDH4A5vfyyh3j51NAXl',
sess_lastseen = '2007-07-27 10:09:44',
sess_user_ID = 1

WHERE sess_ID = 277821

I've tried repairing the database inside phpMyAdmin but with no results.

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