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1 Jul 31, 2007 17:59    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

If you set archives to postbypost, then when you click the archive link (the title of the post), you get the title twice. (I'm using Nifty Corners but it happens with other skins too.)

I think that if the archives were set to say monthly, instead of postbypost it would show date and title, not title twice.

Any ideas?

Also, how would I be able to change the title from "Archives" to say "Previous Posts"?

2 Aug 02, 2007 10:44

Just to say I've found a workaround. Just identify the formatting of the offending items, in this case <h2> and <h3>, and set font-size: 0%. Then see what else is affected and change their style (eg to <h2a>).

A bit cheap and cheerful, but better to mess about with formatting you can see rather than deep surgery.


3 Aug 02, 2007 13:23

The title is set in the _archives.plugin.php which you find in the plugins folder:

		// Title:
			$params['title'] = '<h3>'.T_('Archives').'</h3>';

This changes the 'Archives' on the Archive page itself. I think you need another instance for the title 'Archives' on the blog sidebar.

The development team is working on a new implementation of the Archives, so it is not a great idea to hack the code now and update it in a few weeks time. Also. you have found a solution. If the problem persists in an upcoming version, please let us know.

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