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1 Aug 01, 2007 14:13    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Please HELP! I've looked around the forum and trialled all different methods that closely relates to my problems.. Firstly I wasnt able to see a "Permalink" object on my blogs.. Then after 1/2 day of lookin around I found and fixed the problem.. Now I have the Permalink link available. However when I click on it..

The page cannot be found.. I get the "PAGE NOT FOUND 404 ERROR"

I'm using created stubfiles for the blogs and also use explicit reference to stubfiles.

I modified the .htaccess file according to the only document provided

I wonder if there are ever any pages created? Or how do I check if those permalink pages are ever created?

I'm using the Nifty_Green Skin btw. Tho i've made many many changes to the _main.php file.

PLEASE HELP.. Thanks in Advance

2 Aug 01, 2007 14:25

A link to your blog would be exceptionally helpful ;)


3 Aug 01, 2007 16:26

sorry.. here goes..

kinda embarrased by the lack of content.. but at least u see what i mean by going to my blog...

Thanks for your help in advance.. :P

4 Aug 01, 2007 16:32

Hit your blog admin area, urm, buggered if I can remember which tab it is nowadays, app settings I think, and turn off "use extra path info" and see if you links work then ;)


5 Aug 01, 2007 20:05

Thanks for your help n prompt reply.. The option you suggested.. I've already set it b4 i do anything.. That still does not work... However, I just came across a line like :

[Back to posts!]

You may also want to generate static pages or view your blogs...

after I create a new entry.. And I'm wondering.. Do I have to create my own static page? If so, do you know how to do it?


6 Aug 01, 2007 20:16

your permalinks still show like this [url=][/url]

Change the setting to "post called up by it's url title" and see what happens.

Static pages are only really needed for really heavily hit blogs, so I've never bothered to look into them ;)


7 Aug 01, 2007 21:19

THanks there for you prompt response again.. However, I've been using the setting you suggested above since beginning.. n i've also tried "using post called up by its id" tested without success.. Any other suggestions?

8 Aug 01, 2007 21:29

Somewhere in the settings for the URL you have /howto.html/. You want to get rid of that part. My guess is it's in Blog settings -> General -> Blog Folder URL: but it also might be in your stub file.

Good luck

9 Aug 01, 2007 22:19

Although I was still a little blur when you asked me to get rid of that part.. But after reading deeper into that short line.. I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!

For those of you who might have done the same mistakes that I had.. DO NOT create a HTML page as your blog folder stub page!

Make it something like /FOLDER/index.php

Then everything should be smooth sailing!


Afwas and ¥åßßå!

Your help is greatly appreciated!


10 Aug 01, 2007 22:43

Other problems followed..

Seems like the permalinks on my site aren't very stable..

Most of the time, at entry point it does not seem to work.. Will still go to Error404..

If you click to the "How To" page.. then it works fine..

However if u go back n fro toggle through the How To/Info/Links/MoneyOnline section.. The permalinks seem to get scrambled up..

Sometimes it will show other pages.. Sometimes it will show Error 404.

Any Help here? :p

11 Aug 02, 2007 00:18

In the backoffice at Global settings there is a tab for all the blogs you manage. Check if for all those blogs the settings are similar to the ones you worked on.

Good luck

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