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1 Aug 07, 2007 23:25    

I would like to use the Bookmarklet2 plugin, which does exactly the same as the Blogger "BlogThis" bookmarklet, this is, it inserts a link to your URL in the body of the post instead of putting the URL in the "link" field (I link the post title to the post permanent URL, so I don't use this).

The problem is, I installed Bookmarklet2, and call me fool, but I can't find for the life of me the way to put it in my browser toolbar. I am using the old Bookmarklet plugin just because I don't know how to replace the favourite with the new one. :(

2 Aug 08, 2007 00:39

I did a little research and found this problem: when you install the Bookmarklet2 plugin, it is supposed to add itself to the Tools tab, just like the original Bookmarklet, but it does not. The source code gives the URL (somewhat encoded) to add to favourites, but I never see this URL in its final form because the message is supposed to appear in Tools and the plugin doesn't get added there.

What can I do?

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