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1 Sep 12, 2007 23:37    

I'm new for b2evolution,
when I post in persian language something like:

<div align="right"><bdo dir="rtl">
سیستم وبلاگ از ۲.۱۰.۱ به ۰.۰.۲ آپدیت شد.
با فارسی هم هیچ مشکلی نداره.
۲ تا از پست های قبلی رو به اشتباه پاک کردم.

in preview I see it right,
but whene I publish it I just see ????? ????? ?? ?.??.? ?? ?.?.? ????? ??.
what is wrong?[/code]

2 Sep 16, 2007 23:11

It's very easy you have to use UTF-8 encoding for Persian.
Just edit a locale or make a new locale and select it as the default locale.
Then in the locale where you can see Charset field, write: UTF-8 and save it.It will 100% help you.
But my problem is that the blog is not right to left.
I am just working with css of blog and will tell you what to do for right to left if I will find anything. :p


3 Sep 17, 2007 11:42

thank you, but I did it! and don't work right! (I don't know why!) my b2evo version: 2.0.0

know I just convert every thing to utf-8 then I post it! but it's not a good way! and in comments ....

for right to left I use these 2 tags! they work!

<div align="right"><bdo dir="rtl">

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