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1 Sep 23, 2007 22:47    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

if ( !exist( IRC_Channel)) {
    Should_one_be_made( 'yes' );
} else {
    Should_one_be_made( 'no' );

What do you think? Let me know and if it doesn't exist I'll make one up on Freenode or SlashNET.

3 Sep 24, 2007 20:54

It shall be had then :)
Onward we march into the vast lands of IRC! To put forth conversations and ideas of things to come and ways to improve upon the already rock-solid core of b2e.

When the channels has been made I shall let you all know.

4 Sep 24, 2007 23:20

There's #b2evolution on freenode already..

5 Sep 25, 2007 00:04

I now am at #B2evolution on (Freenode0 through good old mIrc. With me in this room is CaptSolo, who is kinda muppet. Hope to see any humans shortly ...

I started the conversation with CaptSolo the way Alan Turing learnd us, so my first qiestion was: "Are you a bot". Still waiting for an answer.

7 Sep 25, 2007 16:14

CaptSolo is as human as a human can be and we've had a nice chit chat last night. He's more or less keeping the channel open. Blueyed visits CaptSolo once in a while. Both are very pleased to hear there is interest from the rest of the community in the channel, so visit us at B2evolution on (Freenode).

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