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1 Sep 28, 2007 12:39    

I want to use it as a feed aggregator so that it takes feed from different blogs for example one from blogger , one from wordpress and let's say one from another b2evolution and then combines all feeds to show them on a single blog like
hope there is a plugin for such purpose.

2 Sep 29, 2007 16:45


Advice : Never use a software if you don't hear from support people within 48 hours.
WP is the best !
Good Bye

3 Sep 29, 2007 18:28

Never bother with someone who (a) can't find a hack that exists in several places and (b) can't tell the difference between 28 hours and 48 hours. ByeBye!

5 Sep 29, 2007 19:19

Damn, long time no see :D :cookie:


6 Sep 30, 2007 03:26

EdB returned coz he sensed a... a...

and yah, it's not even 48 hours yet, what's up with the thread starter... *whistles*

impatience will yield nothing but negative results

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