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1 Oct 01, 2007 16:28    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

So this:

Javascript file to display a alert containing "cool". [turntofile]mimetype:text/javascript|contents:
// My javascript document

Turns to this:

Javascript file to display a alert containing "cool". <a href="data:text/javascript:base64,12sd90asdasd9021491023491042124">here</a>.

2 Oct 01, 2007 16:47

It should take you about 2 minutes to write a plugin for that yourself?

As an aside, it needs to be a semi-colon after text/javascript ;)


3 Oct 01, 2007 17:14

Yeah but that is 2 minutes that I could spend fiddling with jQuery ;)

Plus fiddling with the dam html checked thing I would have no idea, thats where Yabba's Hacks come in ;)

Also, it's good to make a post first, cause a lot of the time, whenever I get a idea, it becomes redundant nearly right away by either you or francois ;)

4 Oct 01, 2007 19:44

You can use the new item filter hooks in 1.10.x which get called before the checker waves it's paranoid wand ;)

We've all had our ideas made redundant at times ;)


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