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Email User Form Patch

Started by on May 26, 2004 – Contents updated: May 26, 2004

May 26, 2004 16:17    

Another thing that I started missing from geeklog. This provides a form to email a blog user without ever revealing the reciepients email address. So now it is safe to solicit email on your blog without risking that a spammer will pick up the address.

You can check it out on my blog [url=][/url]

Download: [url=]emailusers.tar.gz[/url] (3079 bytes)

Here is the text of the README file:

Modifications made to b2evolition to add a email form for blog users.
The form never reveals the users email address to the sender, so bloggers can solicit
email without soliciting spam.

by Jeff Bearer

Descriptions of the changes made in the patches.

Just the function email_title() for display on the skins _main file with the other title functions.

The from to compose the e-mail, this file is modeled after the user profile skin page.

The file that sends the email. Once it is sent the user is redirected to the redirect_to string, or
the referer of the skins/_email.php page.

adding the include for the _functions_email.php

Added the call to the email_title() function
Added the email case to the $disp switch


I didn't include an example call to the email form as I wasn't sure where it should be on a general
blog, and that the users ID is not always the same. Here are two examples of the link to the email

Use it so send me email if you approve :) Enjoy!

UPDATE: I had a mistake in my _main.patch, If you downloaded this before 12:34 edt you will need to get it again. sorry.

May 26, 2004 17:29

I get a 500 error when I try to hit those pages...

May 26, 2004 17:53

The links at the bottom? They aren't supposed to be hyperlinks, they are examples from the readme, the forum software decided to make them hyperlinks. Thanks phpBB

May 26, 2004 17:57

Opps... My bad... :oops:

Jul 17, 2004 04:28

Thanks for this one, it's super.

one question:
Is there a way to go back [u]two[/u] pages after submitting the form, so they go back to the page where they would click on the link to send an email?


Jul 17, 2004 19:41

I'm having a little problem with this part:

Added the call to the email_title() function
Added the email case to the $disp switch 

What exactly am I supposed to do? :-/

Jul 17, 2004 21:58

Those aren't instructions, they're just a description of what the hack does.

Jul 19, 2004 20:26

This hack is great, I've got it running over at - although I'm glad it's been included in the main branch now, so I won't have to change it again when I upgrade.

Jul 19, 2004 20:48

This is included now? Kewl. What version will it be in?

Jul 19, 2004 22:36

It's in the CVS at the moment, I guess it will be included in the next release that isn't just a maintenance release (0.9.1 I guess).

Jul 20, 2004 01:52

Cool. I've been meaning to put this into my site, but I keep doing other things instead. I've been suspicious that the devs would get it into CVS before I had a chance to do it :)

Mar 22, 2006 14:35

Aight, so I tried to do this on my b2evo install ( For the patch files, I just copied and pasted the code into the php files. However, once completed, I kept getting an error code coming from my function.php file at line 111 (the form section of the code). Anyone else do this install and run into these issues?



Mar 23, 2006 00:00

I had this running with no problems when I was still using b2evo (using wordpress now).

Is there any reason you're still using this version? There's been two stable releases since This is included in 0.9.1 (it might even be in, I can't remember).

It's not all that hard to upgrade.

Mar 23, 2006 00:25

AFAIK this is not part of .9.1, though it is part of 1.6. .9.1 focused on improving the antispam mechanisms, most notably reducing the work your server had to perform before denying a spammer. You server will love you long time for upgrading to .9.1, and you personally may or may not be happy with going to version 1.6. Check the [url=]bugs in version 1.*[/url] forum for what's up and down with 1.6. I THINK the biggest issues with 1.6 are related to multiple/subdomains and clean permalinks, but I'm on 1.7 and don't care about multiple/subdomains so my opinion is useless.

Mar 23, 2006 00:34

My mistake, I would take ed's word over mine. I bow down to his superior b2evo godliness...

Mar 23, 2006 00:42

Graham wrote:

My mistake, I would take ed's word over mine. I bow down to his superior b2evo godliness...

Funny how things change eh? Graham was the biggest forum junkie there was back when I was brand new to this software. Now, well, now the world has moved on I guess.

Note to Graham: you might want to look at 1.6 with a focus on the 'test' plugin. b2evolution is what it was only now it has REAL plugin capabilities. 1.6 seems to be more of a 'proof of concept' thing. The CVS version is getting way phat in that direction.

Mar 23, 2006 00:49

I will have a look, but I'll say one word that is currently keeping me very happy with WP - [url=]Akismet[/url]. No spam. Ever.

Never had a false positve, and I've never had a bit of spam go through.

Anyway, sorr for going off topic. Keep meaning to get back into the forum-y swing of things, but real life seems to be taking over. Godammit, I want to be a real geek again!

Mar 23, 2006 04:37

Thanks for all the help ... Maybe I can attempt an upgrade to .9.1 this weekend. Naturally, I finally get my custom skin the way I want it and it's time to upgrade :) Such is the way of things, right? I don't suppose it'll be that hard to change though. Thanks for all the assistance - you guys are teaching me a bunch.

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