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1 Oct 26, 2007 18:05    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I would like to have my blog function in such a way that full articles are not posted on the entry page of any given blog, but only viewed if the entries permalink is used. This way I can force a user to click and view advertisments on my page, as well as have some more accurate tracking stats and a smaller cleaner homepage. Any article that gets cropped off should have a click here to read the full article link or soemthing similar.

I would like to have the post crop to just display the first paragraph or X amount of text, without images. I have seen other blogs that do this, I imagine theres already a plugin or hack for this, but I have not found one yet. anyone have some advice.

2 Oct 26, 2007 18:09

Simply use the "!M" button,"Read More", when making a post

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