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Invision Board Bridge

Started by on Nov 14, 2007 – Contents updated: Nov 14, 2007

Nov 14, 2007 19:16    

My b2evolution Version: 2.1.0

Products Involved:

Invision Power Board
Invision Power Converge (IP.Converge)
b2evolution (Multi-user Blog)

With the way b2evolution handles plugins and the way that Invision Power (IP) will start to handle integration these two software could be integrated fairly well with someone who is knowledgeable in php and b2evolution.

IP.Converge will be finishing up beta, however there will most likely be no more changes to it's API at this point. By creating a plugin with IP.Converge and b2evolution, this should be possible to make an integration that won't be effected when IPB or b2evolution upgrades and doesn't require some sort of major hacking.

If someone is interested in looking at it, I can supply the converge_local folder which would need to be modified to work with b2evolution. b2evolution login process would need to be modified to send an XMLRPC request to Converge in the proper format. I can also provide an example auth.php script.

Documentation on the Converge XML-RPC process is here:

Feb 23, 2008 14:35

it wd be an lethal combination.......waiting 4 its release.....

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