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Started by on May 29, 2004 – Contents updated: May 29, 2004

1 May 29, 2004 02:35    

Hi I am faily new to B2evo.

I am in the process of making a Danish localization of language files for b2evo.

I am using the poEdit and are currently working on translating ALL the words and phrases.

But I do not know how to get from the .po file to the _global.php

So if I make the translation can someone please make it into a _global.php file?


2 May 29, 2004 02:38

no problem, just send me the .po

anyway, you can activate
$allow_po_extraction = 1;
in /conf/_locales.php

and then go to the regional settings to extract the PO

3 May 31, 2004 01:55

1/3 done...

coming up...

4 Jun 01, 2004 23:20

40 % done :D

This is harder than I though...

5 Jun 16, 2004 17:22

Kind of stuck at 41 %, but will work on it soon again (need some testing also with B2evo)

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