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1 Nov 29, 2007 21:09    

Are you having problems with stuff like

Notice: Undefined variable: template in /public_html/blogs/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php on line 198

Notice: Undefined property: formstart in /public_html/blogs/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php on line 1304

Notice: Undefined property: no_title_fmt in /public_html/blogs/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php on line 1308

Notice: Undefined property: fieldstart in /public_html/blogs/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php on line 391

Notice: Undefined property: labelstart in /public_html/blogs/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php on line 2650

Notice: Undefined property: labelend in /public_html/blogs/inc/_core/ui/forms/_form.class.php on line 2661


Like [url=]this[/url] and [url=]this[/url] and [url=]this[/url] and [url=]this[/url]?

Yeah. We know. :'(

3 Dec 01, 2007 16:25

Is this skin-related? I assume that you would mention it if there was an easy fix... This and the broken ability to edit comments were the only major bugs for me in the new beta, but the latter one was easy to fix. Other than this undefined variable thingy, I'm very happy with b2evo (I switched form wordpress and I love it) and the new release.

If it wasn't for this bug, I wouldn't care at all about a new release...

5 Dec 03, 2007 17:21

Lol at OP... "this and this and this" and ending it with "we know" haha...

Yep. upgrade asap. Going to work on mine. Haven't encountered a bug yet on my test environment.

6 Dec 06, 2007 07:14

Completely fixed in 2.2.0, so thread locked. Start a new thread if you have 2.2.0 or greater and are experiencing this problem.

EDIT: un-sticking after 2.3.0-RC1 is out. This issue was resolved a long time ago. If you're still bothered by it you need to upgrade your beta to the most current release.

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