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1 Dec 02, 2007 06:21    

I've made a few of the skins I designed available for download on my site... if anyone is interested, feel free to download them and leave some feedback if you like them... They were designed for 1.10.x but should probably work fine in 1.9.x without any major reworking. If one of the admins can post them all in the repository I'd appreciate it.

Here are the links... All of them can be seen live via the skin switcher in the sidebar...
[url=]Skin name: December [original post and download link][/url]
[url=]Skin name: Lush [original post and download link][/url]
[url=]Skin name: Wheelz [original post and download link][/url]
[url=]Skin name: Underground [original post and download link][/url]
[url=]Skin name: Vastitude [original post and download link][/url]
[url=]Skin name: Route 53 [original post and download link][/url]

If there's interest, I'll continue to make new skins available on a fairly regular basis. They're all valid xhtml and valid css, have custom icons for blockquotes, and have custom css for the search cloud plugin. So.... let me know...


2 Dec 02, 2007 14:05

Absolutely incredible beautiful. Top marks for all of them. Of course I am going to ask you to send us more of where this came from ;)

Well done jj, Thanks for sharing.

3 Dec 02, 2007 14:57

jibberjab wrote:

... If one of the admins can post them all in the repository I'd appreciate it ...

Hit the skins page and check out the link on the upper left for "submit a skin". It will take you to a wiki manual page that provides an email address (not linked!) that you can send your skin(s) to. That's the path to uploading a skin!

4 Dec 02, 2007 19:52

These are very nice. I posted them in the directory.

5 Dec 02, 2007 20:06

Now you just need to convert them all to 2.x :D


6 Dec 02, 2007 20:19

Thanks Personman, I appreciate it... I don't know if it's possible, but can the download/ZIP files for Underground and Vastitude be replaced with the ones available on my site? They're slightly newer (and lighter) than the originals I submitted...

As for 2.0, I haven't started playing around with it yet, but I plan to install a testing copy hopefully in the next week or so and then I'll convert them all...


7 Dec 02, 2007 20:22

I replaced the files for you.

9 Dec 02, 2007 20:27

Hehehe.. I know where to find it... it's time I can never seem to find enough of...


12 Dec 03, 2007 17:20

Wow just great!

With 2.2 on the horizon, we'll be seeing more great skins for b2e!

I see b2e owning 2008 :D

13 Aug 19, 2008 01:20

I upgraded every skin by jibberjab to B2evo v2.4.1. Watch the [url=]Skins repository[/url] for downloads. Actually I did all but one. The Vastitude skin was converted earlier by Francois.
Anyway here are five more reasons to upgrade to the latest version of B2evo if you haven't done so already!

Have fun

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