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Notice thrown when ini_set() is disabled

Started by on Dec 02, 2007 – Contents updated: Aug 10, 2016

Dec 02, 2007 16:19    

In ../blogs/inc/session/model/_session.class.php lines 153-171:
This code is going to throw notices if ini_set() is disabled. The if statement comes *after* the first attempt to ini_set():


                    { // Some session data has been previsouly stored:
                        // Unserialize session data (using an own callback that should provide class definitions):
                        $old_callback ini_set'unserialize_callback_func''session_unserialize_callback' );
                        if( $old_callback === false )
                        { // this can fail, if "ini_set" has been disabled for security reasons.. :/
                            // Brutally load add classes that we might need:
                        // TODO: dh> This can fail, if there are special chars in sess_data:
                        //       It will be encoded in $evo_charset _after_ "SET NAMES", but
                        //       get retrieved here, _before_ any "SET NAMES" (if $db_config['connection_charset'] is not set (default))!
                        $this->_data = @unserialize($row->sess_data);
                        if( $old_callback !== false )
                        {    // Restore the old callback if we changed it:
                            ini_set'unserialize_callback_func'$old_callback );

Error in:


$old_callback ini_set'unserialize_callback_func''session_unserialize_callback' );

and in:


ini_set'unserialize_callback_func'$old_callback );

Reported by filthio in [url=][2.x] 2.1.0 installation: ini_set() problems[/url]

Good luck

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