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1 Dec 19, 2007 13:12    

Hello Forum people. Please only read this if you're otherwise bored and twiddling thumbs!

Im very close to the launch of my new 2.2 blog and loving it. One of the blogs Ive created is called "Collective" which anyone can post into. People just register and start writing.

# Firstly can anyone see anything fundamentally wrong with this idea, or anticipate problems Ive not thought of? Yes, ill be trusting people to a big degree. Ive not seen this done anywhere, probably for a reason, so Im flying blind. Perhaps someone could direct me to somewhere that it is being done?

# Secondly, this is my posting instructions page - - Im still tweaking but a) is it in simple enough english and b) what have I missed?

Anyone in the mood to be first guest blogger go right ahead ;)

2 Dec 19, 2007 18:40

Step 3 && 3a can be condensed by hitting the "write" tab on the left the top toolbar ;)


3 Dec 19, 2007 22:22

Thank you :)

Ive also realised you can click "Add the code to your post" when uploading if you do it after starting your post. Will make some changes.


Update: Instructions updated, far better now.

4 Dec 19, 2007 22:32

I think you are going to have to expect plenty of "help" questions regardless of your tutorial. Great effort, but the old "what manual !!" routine still applies. :)

5 Dec 19, 2007 22:40

I dont doubt it for a second :). Will be in trial and error mode for sometime I think. Ooh, ill add a link to it in big letters on the register form ;)

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