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1 Dec 20, 2007 15:15    

When I select a filter criteria such as category it filters properly but it does not identify what the filter criteria is.

It should have the boxes checked and unchecked that match the criteria it is filtering.

2 Dec 20, 2007 15:41

You mean with the checkboxes? That was broken from version 1.6.x till 1.10.x. The submit button for the search wasn't visible. I wrote a hack that should be somewhere in the forum (I can find it if you need it). But you suggest at least that part works. Is it fixed in a official version? It was on Yabba's TODO list :>

3 Dec 20, 2007 15:52

Here is where my request came from.

When I filter to a set of criteria I then open all the posts in new tabs, and close the original tab. I then deal with each post as need be. For example changing the category or closing comments. FINALLY I get down to one post, deal with it, and hit the "posts/comments" feature. It filters according to the previous criteria, but does not tell me what they are.

I tend to know that I had just selected category "blah", but sometimes I've made a complex filter. "drafts in category 'blah'" for example. When I return to the "posts/comments" tab all the boxes are checked by default, but my filtering is still active. I therefore wish it would tell me what my filter criteria is.

My way of handling this is to click "get rid of filters" even though that's not what it says. It is a link visible very near the top of the sidebar in the back office. Anyway I then select my new criteria. Could be "drafts in category 'whatever'". If it checked and unchecked the boxes to match the filter criteria in place I would have a wee-bit easier task to change the filters.

Cool feature for sure. Could use a bit of tune-up though.

Yabba is the real superguru around here. I'm just a forum junkie with a lot of posts and a (somewhat undeserved) label on my name in the left side of town. In fact I would say that I would unquestionably follow Yabba into war, assuming of course that "war" was the name of a local pub ;) Heck I would even encourage Yabba to give Afwas heavy weapons in war, where "heavy weapons" means "another round" :)

4 Dec 20, 2007 16:19

Then we're talking completely different stuff.
In the blog itself (front stuff, not backoffice) you can set up the search box to filter Categories. Then there appear checkboxes before each Category. So the word you type is searched for only there. This way Personman made the filters for the Plugins and Skins.
Well, some wise guy (or girl) asked a question about it in the forum. The checkboxes appear, but the submit button didn't. When I traced back in my setup of those days, I didn't find the submit button in any version doen to 1.8.7.
Yabba did remember. It was lost somewhere during 1.6. Nobody ever missed this cool feature, till some one did. I don't know if it's fixed yet. So me explaining it here has some function. Doesn't it, Yabba?

As for the pub called 'war'. Is it in Israel?

5 Dec 20, 2007 18:51

EdB wrote:

assuming of course that "war" was the name of a local pub ;)

If only it was huh :p

I've not played with the filters so I don't know how easy this would be to fix.

Afwas the bringer of heavy weapons wrote:

So me explaining it here has some function.

Is that still broke? Bugger, better fix it before some grumpy bugger makes another war 'n' peace length post to the dev list :roll:


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