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1 Dec 22, 2007 15:16    

I would like to be able to pick one skin for the back office and force that choice on all users. My motivation for this request is that when I provide a screenshot I don't want the user to see something different from what they see OR tell them to pick my skin so the screen shot matches.

Will follow up if I learn deletion of an admin skin is enough to stop others from trying to select it.

2 lxsparks Jan 08, 2008 22:37


Yes that would be a very useful tool. I suppose if all the other Admin skin options were removed there would only be one choice to have which is a annoying if you had a several blogs set up with different user groups and wanted each group to use a different skin.

Although I can't think why you want to do that, but it's nice to have the option.

3 Feb 02, 2008 21:39

Okay so that was easy. Deleting a skin from the skins_adm folder will remove it from the selection menu on the user's user settings tab. I don't know what'll happen to a user who had, for example, 'legacy' selected if that skin is deleted.

My purpose here is that if I do a screen shot to show where in the back office someone needs to be for whatever reason they'll see exactly what the screen shot shows instead of something "similar but different".

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