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[Solved] [2.3] No 'admin' in comment from ...

Started by on Dec 28, 2007 – Contents updated: Dec 28, 2007

Dec 28, 2007 13:24    

This is a comment I (admin) made, but it doesn't show as the author of the comment. Is it because of the Visiglyph plugin?
Other comments seam not affected, but I haven't got enough of them to test.

Dec 28, 2007 13:44

It would appear to be a bug :-S


Dec 28, 2007 13:46

¥åßßå wrote:

It would appear to be a bug :-S


YIPPEEEYY I filed in the right topic! :p

Dec 28, 2007 13:51

Duplicated with visiglyphs disabled.

Commenter's name is not visible whether it is a logged in member (admin) or a random visitor. Commenter's name is also not visible in the back office when moderating comments.

The "sample" comment has a name, but I believe it provides a clue-bug:

In response to: First Post
Comment from : miss b2#
Hi, this is a comment.
To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts' comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

I thought the comment actually came from "miss b2", thus the # might be a clue-bug. Or a bug-clue if you're into that sort of thing.

Dec 28, 2007 13:54

EdB wrote:

thus the # might be a clue-bug. Or a bug-clue if you're into that sort of thing.

Bugger, that's a second bug :P

At least I know how to cure that one ;)


Dec 28, 2007 13:57

The database properly stores the logged in user ID or the visitor's name. Thusly therefore hopefully it's easily rectificated.

Dec 28, 2007 14:25

Crack open inc/comments/model/_comment.class.php and change this bit of code ( approx 440 )

		if( strlen( $url ) < 10 )
			$makelink = false;


Dec 28, 2007 14:36

Nice job, ¥åßßå.

That solves it.

@EdB: I didn't really suspect the Visiglyph plugin to be the cause of the trouble, but since I was going to add a picture, I might just as well mention the name of the plugin (Visiglyph) that makes the funny picture in the Comment. For those of you who don't know the Visiglyph plugin yet, you find it [url=]here[/url]. The plugin works in B2evo 2.3

Dec 28, 2007 15:04

Heh. I was wondering if there was a new hook or if a hook used by visiglyphs moved. Or something! Anyway it's always best to suspect non-standard stuff ya? I kinda wish a back office comment could get visiglyphed, but maybe it's a way for "the admin" to be an all-powerful being. Like: "admin is above silly little pictorial representations".

¥åßßå is that for the "lack of name" bug or the "mysterious pound" bug?

(Actually I thought Francois was out to ruin another of my awesome contributions to the package. He's done it before you know. TWICE! ;) )

Dec 28, 2007 15:07

There's actually a different fix implemented in cvs that cures both bugs at the same time.

inc/comments/model/_comment.class.php lines 343 -> 396

	 * Template function: display author of comment
	 * @param string String to display before author name if not a user
	 * @param string String to display after author name if not a user
	 * @param string String to display before author name if he's a user
	 * @param string String to display after author name if he's a user
	 * @param string Output format, see {@link format_to_output()}
	 * @param boolean true for link, false if you want NO html link
	function author( $before = '', $after = '#', $before_user = '', $after_user = '#',
										$format = 'htmlbody', $makelink = false )
		global $Plugins;

		if( $this->get_author_User() )
		{ // Author is a user
			if( strlen( $this->author_User->url ) <= 10 )
				$makelink = false;
			if( $after_user == '#' ) $after_user = ' ['.T_('Member').']';

			$author_name = format_to_output( $this->author_User->get_preferred_name(), $format );

			$before = $before_user;
			$after = $after_user;

		{ // Display info recorded at edit time:
			if( strlen( $this->author_url ) <= 10 )
				$makelink = false;
			if( $after == '#' ) $after = ' ['.T_('Visitor').']';

			$author_name = $this->dget( 'author', $format );


		if( $makelink )
		{	// Make a link:
			$r = $this->get_author_url_link( $author_name, $before, $after, true );
		{	// Display the name: (NOTE: get_author_url_link( with nolink option ) would NOT handle this correctly when url is empty
			$r = $before.$author_name.$after;

		$Plugins->trigger_event( 'FilterCommentAuthor', array( 'data' => & $r, 'makelink' => $makelink, 'Comment' => $this ) );

		echo $r;

Lol, yes he has hasn't he ;)

Dec 28, 2007 15:47


Afwas, ¥åßßå, and I are on a private mailing list that gives us access to proposed releases before they happen. We usually get about 15 minutes per month of development to find bugs and squash them before the version becomes officially publicly available, though hip cats who know where to look can probably find it. Afwas and ¥åßßå have a better shot at actually debugging than I do because they're smart on this "arrays of arrays include included arrays" stuff. I'm just a forum junkie who gets to play with the big boys because I've played here for so long I'm almost a regular.

Anyway this entire thread squashes a bug that no one ('cept those hip cats!) will experience.

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