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1 Jan 01, 2008 04:51    

b2evolution version2.3.0-rc1 released on 28/12/07

Most of them don't have a consistant format for the heading and tagline, seem to be all over the place, some format left, some centre and some right and even between heading and tagline they are different. Is there a way to change this thanks. for example with evopress.


2 Jan 01, 2008 15:35

Do I see anything different than you do or have you solved this issue in the meantime? It looks fine to me.

Good luck

3 Jan 01, 2008 15:55

I would say it is slightly off-centre.

But I am quite curious also: where do you change the alignment for the heading?

For instance I want to align mine to the right (it is center now) but I haven't been able to find the correct file to change it.

4 Jan 01, 2008 16:11

You can style the title and the tagline in style.css:

h1 {
font-size: 340%;
text-align: center;


#headerimg 	{
font-size: 1.2em;
text-align: center;
color: white;

If you want more precise control, you can use the divs that are generated by the widget (use these as new items in style.css):

div.widget_core_coll_title h1 a {


div.widget_core_coll_tagline {

5 Jan 01, 2008 22:39

Thanks for the tip.

Unfortunately style.css for evopress has the allign centre tags allready and to my eyes is still not displaying correctly, the heading is more to the left than the tagline. The tagline should be central under the heading, it isn't :(

Even adding the widget lines to style.css doesn't fix the problem in my eyes.

You said it looked ok to you ? It doesn't look right to me.


7 Jan 01, 2008 23:08

Tried it and for me it works well enough.

I added the widget divs like Afwas suggested and used position: relative; left: 260px

That worked for the design I changed evopress into.

But if you do it that way you can position the header relatively preciesly.

9 Jan 07, 2008 21:35

Adding a more specific style instruction (div.widget_core_coll_title h1 a) didn't fix this issue. I did not try specific positioning, and obviously I didn't try this on the skins demo site. You can see what I see at because I have no idea how to add images to a forum post.

I'm thinking it's really time to pay attention to the WAMP thread so I can try to address this issue locally instead of FTPing and CTRL+F5ing yah?

10 Jan 07, 2008 23:41
Header shows correct in Firefox
Header shows not centered in Internet Explorer

Images by EdB



You must host the images on your own server.
You are correct this is ideal in Wamp. You edit the file in /www/blog/skins/... and you pop to your browser and hit <f5> Even better is a second screen. You managed the IRC so let me talk you through Wamp sometime this week.

11 Jan 07, 2008 23:54

It's a funny bug because the tagline is centered in both browsers. It's not a lnk is a possible clue, but the bloglist links go where they belong.

Hey I'm doing alright with WAMP. What I really need is 2 more screens ;) But yeah it's a cool way to work on stuff like this.

12 Jan 19, 2008 02:55

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I am new to b2evolution.

If I use Mozilla Firefox, my blogs display perfectly. The same can't be said for IE 7. If I use the Miami Blue skin, for example, the Title wraps and pushes the subtitle down into the blog area. I changed the color of the subtitle so I could see it. If I add the Adsense plugin, the entire sidebar gets pushed below the post and comments section.

Again, Firefox works perfectly. Can anyone help me fix the blog display in IE 7?

13 Jan 19, 2008 03:10

Hi taydeko,

Welcome to the forums of B2evo.
The best I could do for now is to move your question to another post with the same subject. I hasn't been solved yet.

Good luck

14 Jan 19, 2008 03:30

According to stk: The header problem in evopress should be fixed in the CSS with a "h1 a { display:block; }" and the horiz scroll bar I saw in both evopress and miami_blue should be fixed with a "html { overflow-x:hidden; }"

I added both lines to my evopress and it fixed the problems, but the root of the problem is something to do with the bloglist in the top container. Removing that container fixed it without extra css. Therefore I overhauled mine to use a line of plain text for the bloglist up there.

15 Jan 20, 2008 07:59

I just wanted to update my problem. I was using 1.10.3 or some such version, so I upgraded to 2.30 to see if the problem would go away. The problem remains.

Additionally, if I display multiple posts per page, after the first post, subsequent posts are the full width of the post and sidebar area. In this instance, the sidebar is pushed below the posts again.

I don't think EdB's post applies to my problem. Is that correct?


16 Jan 20, 2008 17:56


Welcome. :D

Try adding


to the (already existing) "div.pageHeader h1 a {}" selector in your "style.css" file.

The selector is about 1/3rd of the way down the page.

Hope this helps.

RE: Multiple posts ... I'd have to see it, to know what you're talking about. ([url=]Right Now[/url], it looks like you're set up for 1 post per page.)

17 Jan 20, 2008 23:24


This worked to get the heading formatted correctly, thanks! :-) The other two problems are with the sidebar being pushed below the post. In the first case, the adsense plugin causes the sidebar to go below the post. This seems pretty mysterious to me. I would like to have multiple posts showing but it messes up the look so much I haven't left multiple posts. I will change it so you can see what is going on.


18 Jan 21, 2008 03:27

thanks ... i'll take a look (might not be till tomorrow)

One idea would be to remove the hillary clinton graphic (sometimes wide graphics will break a layout)

Right now it's Sunday dinner, time with my 4-year-old and putting the chickens to bed. No worries though ... I'm sure we can get you sorted out. (Patience is a virtue). :p

19 Jan 21, 2008 05:12


I suspect the hillary clinton graphic you are referring to must be the Google Adsense ad. I just selected the standard size of ad proposed by Google. It displays perfectly in Firefox, not in IE.

I hope you had a great dinner!


20 Jan 21, 2008 06:08

Am I the first here who tried to validate miami_blue skin ? :)

In index.main.php

Find <div id="wrapper2"> on line 30 cut it and paste on line 296 right before <div id="pageFooter">. No we need to close that div on line 325

One more trick. Add alt="" on line 216 in

<img src="../../rsc/img/blank.gif" width="1" height="1" /> 

Do we need a valid CSS ? If so, open style.css and delete ":" on line 71, then scroll down to the line 108 and delete the space between 1.22 and em

This is for lazy bloggers ;)

Good luck.

21 Jan 21, 2008 09:12

I implemented these changes and my skin has significantly degraded to the point where it doesn't look much like the original. Very curious.

More info on the multiple post problem with displaying the sidebar: This is not a miami_blue problem. It occurs in other skins also. I also discovered that if I put 3 posts per page, there are two pages, and the sidebar renders correctly on the second page, in spite of the fact that there are multiple posts there also. So there is something different about the first page and second page in how the posts are displayed.


22 Jan 21, 2008 15:51

I fixed everything somehow. The page displays correctly in IE7 and in Mozilla now.

One of the things that was causing me fits last night was that only about the first 5 pixels of images were being displayed. For some reason while I was trying to fix things, the image files got corrupted. Even if I replace the corrupted images with good ones, the page still wasn't right. I think I fixed it when I found the EvoCache directory and deleted it (several times) to get rid of any instance of a corrupted image file.

The Adsense problem went away when I went back to Google and go new code to put into the plugin. I dropped it in and everything worked fine in IE7.

That also seems to have fixed the problem with the sidebar being pushed down when multiple posts are being displayed. Now multiple posts are neatly lined up in the space designed for them and the sidebar is at the top of the page. As far as I can tell, this was also fixed by re-entering the adsense code.

Thanks for your help, everyone!


23 Jan 21, 2008 17:47

You didn't fix all layout problems.

Can you download this clean miami_blue skin and show us without AD. It will pass validation (which means no layout problems). And then put your AD in.

Don't change your old theme, start anew.

24 Jan 21, 2008 18:20


Hey, that's great! Glad you got things sorted. :D

The good news is that [url=]your page[/url] looked okay in IE7, IE6, Opera, Netscape and FireFox (though there appears to be something wrong with the b2evolution image at the bottom of the page, because it's not showing).

The bad news is that you have [url=]5 XHTML errors[/url], as pointed out by the W3C Validator.

They are "serious" errors, in that they revolve around mis-matched tags & related problems. The b2evo linkback near the bottom of your sidebar area and the "wrapper" DIV.

On a second, closer inspection, it looks like part of your sidebar is showing up at the bottom of the page? ("contact" + "powered by" graphic)?

In any case, before you can claim "Eureka!", I'd sort these basic, structural XHTML errors. ;)

25 Jan 21, 2008 18:35


I did the validation and got the same errors. I have never used the validation before, and the output was a little difficult to figure out. It simply lists line numbers, so it is a little hard to tell which source file the problem is actually in.

I am simply happy that the gross display is correct in IE7 and Mozilla. It got pretty bad last night with all the corrupted images. I noticed that the "powered by" image was not appearing. The "contact" and "powered by" issues are not so major I can't let them go for a little while, so I can earn some income.

I will be poking around to see if I can fix them.

For Sam2kb,

I have incorporated all of your suggested changes that you listed in an earlier post. I don't see any download of a clean miami_blue anywhere, so I am not sure where to start with that.

Have a great day, everyone!


27 Jan 21, 2008 18:59


I can certainly understand that you're happy that the gross display "looks right", but I must emphasize that your errors are not trivial. If not fixed, they WILL come back to bite you in the bum.

I'd follow sam2kb's recommendation and "start fresh" with a valid skin.

28 Jan 21, 2008 19:02

A quick follow up... I fixed the validation errors and I get a clean validation now. It appears to me that the "contact" and the "powered by" links were put in the footer of the page intentionally now that I have taken a look at it. It doesn't look that bad anyway. I will try to attack the "powered by" image problem later. I don't have any idea at this point why it is not being displayed.


29 Jan 21, 2008 19:08


Great! Glad you sorted those validation errors and the sidebar on your page is behaving correctly.

RE: The image. My guess is that the image link is wrong ... it's trying to find the image here: 

Maybe the file is missing? Maybe it's somewhere else? Maybe the filename is slightly different?

One of those.

Good luck and cheers.

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