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1 Jan 04, 2008 02:51    

3 Jan 04, 2008 03:58

Yeah. Hey wouldn't it be cool if a plugin author could easily provide a setting for "toolbar UP" or "toolbar DOWN"? I like to have my posting textarea *right there* on my page, but toolbars always push it down the page.

Gotta be an answer yah?

Next gen, if there is a next gen, will use PHP to echo the javascript so that PHP can decide what buttons to put on the bar. ESPECIALLY the custom div buttons. That part bugged me. But the X button lines up neatly with the original quicktags X button so it's cool ;)

And now it's time to try to help rognvaldur with his upgrade and his "security" issue. Now that my man Barack took Iowa :)

4 Jan 04, 2008 04:04

Try to lower the priority or did you try that already (is set at 31). Might actually need a higher priority..

Them other bar makers should take an example. I like the colo(u)rs.

5 Jan 04, 2008 04:16

What I meant was "above or below the post textarea". AFAIK that is simply not an option because there is only one hook for toolbars.

Anyway I chose 31 because quicktags is 30, so MT would go right below QT, though I did not test what 29 or 30 would do.

Next up for me is to finally play with TinyMCE plugin.

6 Jan 04, 2008 08:16

Great work EdB. The div options are terrific and my favourite part of the plugin. Well done.

Re the tool bars: what bugs me is when you have something like the Adsense plugin with a whole toolbar all for itself.
The toolbars need to be more flexible: ie add Adsense to the Video: toolbar.
Like browsers, you should be able to locate buttons where you want to make the bars far more space efficient.

7 Jan 13, 2008 02:01

I once installed TinyMCE but its not compatible (or wasn't; I stopped using it), with YouTube plugin. What I like about your plugin is that it makes easier formatting and has the essential tags; those with which you can achieve all that is done with a WYSIWYG plugin and better still it conflicts with no plugin at all (like TinyMCE did in my case).
Great job!

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